Freelance Senior Editor / Videographer

Chicago, IL
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May 3, 2024

We are looking for a talented and spirited creative editor to help bring content to life across creative, social media, and corporate content. At the core of this role is turning raw ideas and raw footage into edited deliverables. You’ll have the opportunity to dive into award-winning work and collaborate with EP’s and creatives on a daily basis. Your contribution is your craft in manifesting their vision on screen, and bringing nuance and style to everything you do.

We are a busy, and closely-knit creative team that services a very large and prestigious client list. We are creative directors, producers, editors, writers, designers, strategists and storytellers. We are passionate about our clients and knowledgeable about their businesses. Our work varies from quick-turn same-day or same-hour pieces, to weeks- and months-long projects, each with wholly different expectations, styles and goals.

We’ll rely on you as a versatile player – someone who can jump in quickly and juggle multiple simultaneous editing projects while balancing leadership with self-sufficiency. You’ll help the team and our clients by elevating the work through your creative styling and collaborative spirit, and commit to continually growing and learning new technical skills and creative styles that keep pace with the zeitgeist.

The Key Responsibilities Of This Role Are

  • Video & Audio Editing: This is a creative editing position where you’ll be required to spin awesome, entertaining stories out of many different styles of footage and sometimes with no footage at all. Great taste and editing judgement is central to this skill. You should be equally adept at turning out speedy rough drafts as you are working through the minutia of final cuts. You’ll need to come to this position with a very deep-seated confidence in the Adobe Suite, including back-of-your-hand fluency in creative editing with Adobe Premiere and Media encoder. Experience editing longer-form content, especially podcasts, is a plus.
  • Animation: Our ideal candidate will need to have proficiency with moving typography, logos and graphics in Premiere and After Effects. A fundamental understanding of design & layout is important to the role — .PSDs and .AI’s shouldn’t scare you. You love working with designers when the work calls for it, but you have enough fluency to operate without them when the work calls for it. Experience with more advanced motion graphics and animation (3D, character animation, etc.) is a major plus and will be given an outsized consideration in who we choose.
  • Post production: We need someone who can carry work through to completion. Skills required in post-production include basic color correction, audio sweetening and generally understanding the flexibility and polish it takes to adapt content to different screens and platforms. Editing also includes the business side of our work: being responsible for tracking to a budget, being super organized in your file and drive management, and working closely with producers to understand the business goal and client needs.
  • Flexibility: While the role is for an editor, we all flex outside of our roles when timing or client need demands. As a multitalented team of “creators” we see few boundaries to that title. We’d look positively on cross-trained candidates. Experience with/willingness to take on on-set responsibilities at times (including shooting, lighting, sound and other set crafts) is a huge plus, as are any other skills and interests you might have that can come in handy to a creative team: photography, illustration, music, and a host of others.
  • Agency life: Your role will require an understanding of our clients, our business goals and an ability to find the best solutions while keeping in mind budget and resources. You’ll develop your own career goals, and steep yourself in broader company objectives. You’ll need to be organized and highly communicative in our fast-paced environment, and come ready to have some fun sharing in our agency culture.

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